Having played in orchestras around the world, Dorothy Whitford understands the physical and stress problems of professional musicians. It was this knowledge which ultimately led her to studying the Alexander Technique and Neuro-Developmental Therapy. She also formed the Halcyon String Quartet of Leeds, Yorkshire.

Previously operating the Leeds Dyslexia Centre, Dorothy consulted privately in Neuro-Developmental Therapy to help children overcome early learning difficulties. Her sympathetic and understanding approach is proven to help children reach their full potential.

Dorothy also offered individual lessons in the Alexander Technique, to overcome posture related difficulties such as back ache, neck pains, breathing disorders and other problems.

With her relocation to Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in March 2011 she is reforming the quartet and setting up a practice in Roman Road, Shrewsbury offering violin lessons in Shrewsbury and The Alexander Technique in Shrewsbury. She will also offer Neuro Developmental-based treatment for clients suffering from dyslexia or dyspraxia.

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Corrects posture-related deficiencies for the relief of back and neck pain, tensions, breathing difficulties and more. Improves acting and singing performance, and enhances general well-being.

The Alexander Technique can address the fundamental causes of many instances of back pain, neck and shoulder tension, breathing disorders, stress related illnesses and general fatigue where misuse and a loss of poise are contributory factors.

Singers, actors, musicians and the health conscious also learn the Alexander Technique in order to improve their co-ordination, performance and general well-being.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, please contact Dorothy Whitford to learn how the Technique can offer you relief.

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Offering a remedy for learning difficulties, behavioural problems and co-ordination difficulties in children. Helps your child to flourish.

Each one of us is born with a set of primitive reflexes that should be controlled by a "higher" part of the brain in early life. If they are not fully controlled during infancy, then the brain cannot gain adequate control over voluntary, skilled and complex movements.
The result is developmental delay, which can include early childhood difficulties with balance, co-ordination, reading or writing, underachievement, school phobia, and other behavioural difficulties.

Dorothy Whitford offers Neuro-Developmental Therapy in a sympathetic and sensitive manner that addresses these problems, helping your child to overcome them and realise his or her full potential.

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Click for music demonstrationsAdd the magic and delight of live music to your wedding reception, function or corporate event. The pleasure of live music, played by an ensemble of professional musicians, brings delight and real magic to your wedding reception or corporate function.

A wide repertoire of music is available for every occasion, including well-loved classical and light music along with swing and jazz arranged for the quartet. The Halcyon String Quartet adds elegance to your function, whilst at the same time bringing fun and warmth.

Telephone 01743 367740 to discuss a booking. To visit the Dorothy Whitford Halcyon String Quartet page please click here

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